Fall 2018 Mountain Traveler

Mapping out your bicycling adventure

Whether you are a bicyclist looking for an off-road adventure or a roller-coaster ride on the pavement, Dahlonega and Lumpkin County have a variety of bicycle trails and routes that will quench your thirst for bicycling bliss.

For those interested in cycling off the beaten path, the Jake and Bull Mountain Trail System offers approximately 36 miles of recreational trails for mountain bikers.

The two trail systems join together to form a complex system of scenic trails within a 4 square mile area of the Chattahoochee National Forest's Blue Ridge Ranger District with interconnecting dirt trails and gravel roads.

The trails are located in western Lumpkin County, less than 10 minutes from downtown Dahlonega. The breathtaking scenery combined with challenging trails make the Jake and Bull Mountain Trail System an ideal spot for mountain biking enthusiasts.

If you're looking to put the rubber on the road, Dahlonega is a treasure trove of road courses that range in length and experience levels.

Check out some of the University of North Georgia's campus before heading up U.S. Highway 19's winding mountain roads with a 13.8-mile course that runs from UNG to Woody Gap near Suches.

Or, for those looking for a shorter trek, start your biking adventure at the legendary Stonepile on U.S. Highway 19. The Stonepile is said to house the remains of a Cherokee woman named Trahlyta underneath generations of rocks dropped upon her grave that are supposed to bring good luck.

“Basically, the legend goes that after Trahlyta was buried, passers-by would place a stone on her final resting place for good luck,” said local historian Chris Worick. “Over the years the stones have obviously accumulated and the pile has grown.”

From the Stonepile, it is a 5.3-mile journey to Woody Gap. This course forgoes the downtown Dahlonega area to offer pure mountain road cycling.

"My favorite part is descending from Woody Gap," said David Hoff of Decatur. "The combination of an amazing downhill ride with views of valleys are the things of bucket lists."

For those looking for a leisurely, enjoyable ride, the Yahoola Creek Reservoir at Lake Zwerner contains a 3.2-mile course that circles the lake.

No matter your cycling preference, Dahlonega has the course for you.

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