Lake Living: If you can tow it try it!

Once upon a time, if you ventured onto one of northeast Georgia’s numerous lakes, there was one way to be pulled behind a fast-moving boat: traditional skis.

That was then.

Now, there are so many ways to be towed, including individual tubes, multiple seating tubes, boards, rafts and skis, that there’s a new term common to water recreation – towables.

Kids, both old and young, love them.

Take young Jack Thomson, 11, of Clarkesville.

“I like tubing on Lake Burton because it’s the best way to ride a boat around the lake,” Jack said. “It’s really fun to test your strength by holding on while going crazy.”

His brother, Luke Thomson, 9, of Clarkesville agreed.

“I like tubing because it’s a challenge and a fun way to spend time with friends and family,” he said.

One of those family members is Justice Whitmire, 6, of Toccoa

“I like tubing because it’s so much fun to Jack and Luke,” he said. “I especially like it when Uncle John Lee goes fast so I can put my hands up. It’s the funnest thing ever!”

Kevin Haynie of Toccoa is older than Jack, Luke and Justice.

But he loves a watery challenge, too. “Nothing piques our interest more than a 56,000-acre playground (Lake Hartwell) in our backyard,” Haynie said. “From fishing, cliff jumping, skiing, waterfall hunting, surfing or just floating with the family.”

“It’s a pretty special feeling teaching my son how to swim, but also watching him learn vicariously through his cousins, who live two miles down the lake,” Haynie added.

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