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Clayton store helps you experience the outdoors

“The most spectacular view in Towns County” can be found at Bell Mountain County Park and Historical Site, which provides mountain beauty and an unmatched vista of Lake Chatuge. 

Towns County native and Towns County Historical Society President Sandra Green said all Towns Countians are proud of Bell Mountain.

Antique car aficionados have a new venue to peruse and pursue their automobile-fueled hobby — the museum, Miles Through Time, which opened in Toccoa in June 2017.

Run by chief operating officer Sean Mathis with the assistance of local partner Larry Dodd, Miles Through Time has a range of vintage cars dating back to the early 1900s.

The oldest of the models dates back to 1910. That vehicle was purchased from the Sears catalog back in the day.

A community's heritage can sometimes get lost or misplaced with the passage of the years. 

The Toccoa Main Street program, however, has made sure that will never happen in downtown Toccoa.

A visitor to the city who walks the city's historic downtown district will find a series of plaques that mark the history of more than 60 buildings. 

In most cases, the buildings still house vibrant businesses that are still going strong after scores of years.

Some say it’s so special because of the solitude and serenity it invokes.

Some say it’s the scenic combination of foliage, sky and nearby mountains that make it one of Northeast Georgia’s treasures.

It’s that time of year again, when leaves and temperatures are falling and lake activity dwindles.

For boat and dock owners, it’s a time to evaluate and prepare their property for the potentially damaging effects the winter months can bring.

Though North Georgia typically experiences mild winters and doesn’t contend with the blistering cold temperatures like far to the north, there are still precautions that need to be taken.

Artist Virginia McClure, owner of Lakemont Gallery in Lakemont, is well-known in the area for her lake paintings.

"If it doesn't have a lake, or water, in it, I don't want to paint it," McClure said.

McClure explains that her fascination with water began when she was a child, and her family had a house on the then-brand-new Lake Lanier.

Libby Mathews, who sells her art through Timpson Creek Gallery, loves painting lakes, water scenes, and of course, the red canoes she's famous for.

For Mathews, the canoes have deeply personal meaning. She painted the first one when her best friend died.

"I was painting her a beautiful wooden boat, and it became a red canoe," Matthews said. She later painted canoes to represent different phases of her sons' lives, including when one of her son's was deployed by the Army to Iraq.

"They all represent a passage," she said.

Lake house decor is as individual and personal as the lake house owner, and what used to be considered "traditional" lake house art -- lake scenes, canoes and wildlife -- is just one piece of the character of the home.

Whether you're doing a full redecoration or just adding pieces to your lake house collection, North Georgia has a plethora of artists and art galleries to choose from.

One of those is Burton Gallery, 150 Burton Dam Road, Clarkesville, owned and managed by Marlene Eck for 14 years.

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors and stretch your legs during the late fall and winter months without traveling a long distance to do so?

Try the Frady Branch Trail into the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area about seven miles southwest of Toccoa.

The Frady Branch Trail is only a little over four miles in length, but when you add in other trails it connects to such as the Leatherwood Creek, Lathan Cemetery and Peach Orchard trails, the entire trail system totals some 11.3 miles.


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