• A painting depicting canoeists by artist Kay Hibbard is on display and for sale at Lakemont Gallery, owned by artist Virginia McClure.
  • In her Lakemont Gallery studio, artist Virginia McClure discusses a commissioned painting of a view of Lake Burton.
  • Shown is a series or three paintings by Virginia McClure. The paintings depict the three seasons of lilies: spring, when the flowers are fresh, summer, when they’re at their peak, and fall, as the flowers are fading.

Virginia McClure's fascination with water began early

Lake Living - Winter 2018

Artist Virginia McClure, owner of Lakemont Gallery in Lakemont, is well-known in the area for her lake paintings.

"If it doesn't have a lake, or water, in it, I don't want to paint it," McClure said.

McClure explains that her fascination with water began when she was a child, and her family had a house on the then-brand-new Lake Lanier.

"We had a house on Lake Lanier, and I thought that green water was the most beautiful thing in the world," she said. "The lake was brand new. We were pioneers on the lake. I've always had a fascination with water, and the reflections, the way water moves and it's reflective [qualities]. You can see in it, but you have a mirror."

McClure began painting her senior of high school.

"I learned to paint by copying old seascapes," she said. She lived in Milan, Italy, for 12 years, and one of her favorite places to go, and paint, was Lake Garda.

She moved back to Athens, went back to school, and painted a lot of pieces of the 7-acre pond that was on her property there.

McClure frequently does commissioned work for people who specifically want art for their lake homes, she said.

Lakemont Gallery also displays work by Ray Alben and Kay Hibbard, as well as pottery, photography and furniture by various artists. The gallery is located at 8488 Old 441 S, Lakemont. For more information about McClure or Lakemont Gallery, visit lakemontgallery.com.


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