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Lake house decor is as individual and personal as the lake house owner, and what used to be considered "traditional" lake house art -- lake scenes, canoes and wildlife -- is just one piece of the character of the home.

Whether you're doing a full redecoration or just adding pieces to your lake house collection, North Georgia has a plethora of artists and art galleries to choose from.

One of those is Burton Gallery, 150 Burton Dam Road, Clarkesville, owned and managed by Marlene Eck for 14 years.

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors and stretch your legs during the late fall and winter months without traveling a long distance to do so?

Try the Frady Branch Trail into the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area about seven miles southwest of Toccoa.

The Frady Branch Trail is only a little over four miles in length, but when you add in other trails it connects to such as the Leatherwood Creek, Lathan Cemetery and Peach Orchard trails, the entire trail system totals some 11.3 miles.

Tallulah Point Overlook (TPO) offers thousands of visitors annually a free, birds-eye view of Tallulah Gorge almost every day of the year.

Melissa Elzey of Rabun County was “honored and surprised” when she learned her photo of Lake Burton after a fresh snowfall was chosen as the winter 2018 cover photo of Lake Living magazine.

“I’m so excited,” she said. “The cover, that’s an honor.”

Lake Living is a publication of Community Newspapers Inc., covering Northeast Georgia’s lakes. Three editions of the magazine – spring, summer and winter – are released each year. The winter 2018 edition includes stories about boat building, fly tying, fishing, lake house art and much more.

As you drive up north through Habersham County, you’ll test your vehicle’s steering ability on the winding roads of Scenic Highway (state Route) 197. However, the greater challenge on this route will be not stopping for photos.

“How beautiful the leaves grow old,” naturalist John Burroughs once wrote. “How full of light and color are their last days.”

“Everything old is new again … “ is a saying true in many aspects of life. Something that is currently getting new “life” are old campers and RVs being renovated, retrofitted and revitalized.

Several people in North Georgia have jumped on the bandwagon, renovating campers for their own personal use, or to rent out as nightly lodging.

Nestled against the Chattahoochee National Forest and numerous state parks, the Northeast Georgia mountains are a prime location for viewing wildlife. It is common for residents and visitors to see white-tailed deer and a wide variety of smaller mammals.

Located within the Chattahoochee National Forest is the Panther Creek Falls Trail, a 7-mile out-and-back stretch of winding path that leads to one of North Georgia’s most beautiful attractions: Panther Creek Falls.

One of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the United States is cycling, whether on a paved road or a multi-terrain mountain biking trail.


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