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The Historic Ritz Theatre at the Schaefer Center has come a long way in four years … and its journey has just begun.

Since the city of Toccoa assumed ownership in March 2014, the facility has undergone extensive renovation that has included a complete remodeling of the lobby, an enlarging of the stage, construction of an orchestra pit, as well as a fresh coat of paint, installation of new carpet and an enhancement of the heating and air conditioning units. 

Visitors to the Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project in early June for the anniversary observance of the D-Day landing in World War II, will see a new structure on the premises: a building with materials dating to the camp’s World War II days as a training post for airborne troops.

Wooden panels of a barracks building that had not been used for their original purpose for some 65 years, recently returned to the base of Currahee Mountain.

The panels — or sections — were nailed into place by members of the Camp Toccoa at Currahee Project and their allies, Roesch Construction.

Listen carefully, and you'll hear for yourself the mountains of Northeast Georgia are alive with song.
Balmy, summer nights with views of mountaintops in the distance set the backdrop for Habersham County's outdoor music scene, like Clarkesville Main Street's annual Friday Night Live events in downtown.
Having kicked off in May, the Friday Night Live series returns the third Friday of every month through August, giving residents and visitors alike yet another opportunity to get out and about, and appreciate some of the finer experiences Habersham has to offer.

Hidden in the North Georgia mountains are stories just waiting to be told – on stage, that is.
Several venues in Habersham County offer one-of-a-kind performances that are always changing, always keeping theater-goers on their toes – and at the ticket booth.
A hometown favorite is Habersham Community Theater (HCT), which provides live theater for residents and visitors in the heart of downtown Clarkesville. Past performances include “Avenue Q,” “Charlotte’s Web,” the musical, “The Nutcracker” play and ballet, “Welcome to Mitford” and many more.

Dating back to 1973, the historic pioneer fort of Fort Hollingsworth has been open to the public since 1996. The fort has been well kept for all of these years in order to help teach visitors its unique story.
According to its website, “Between 1782 and 1797, various treaties were made with the Indians to define Georgia’s boundaries. Forts were built to protect the settlers who lived on the frontier from local indigenous Indians who were likely to be incited by misunderstandings.”

The famed Chenocetah Fire Tower, high atop Chenocetah Mountain in Cornelia, offers some of the best views of Habersham County and greater Northeast Georgia.
Now open for tours from 9 a.m-1 p.m. every Saturday through Nov. 4, the public is invited to visit, take breathtaking photos at the top from an elevation of 1,830 feet, and learn about its history from a local historian.

When it comes to summertime fun at the lake, whether you’re looking for a day, a weekend or longer, Lake Lanier Islands truly has something for everyone.

Located in Buford, over several islands in Lake Lanier, the 1,500-acre Lanier Islands property is more than just a beach. From golf to zip-lining to swimming, boating hiking and horseback riding, Lanier Islands offers worlds of fun in one location.

Fun on the water

Lake Lanier covers 38,000 acres, and the best way to explore them is by boat. 

Though the weather report was iffy, May 26 turned out to be perfect for this year’s Tugaloo River History Tour.

The paddle tour began with more than 100 excited participants. A thin line of fog hung over the Tugaloo River, allowing visitors to see just how special this area is to the state of Georgia. The fog quickly faded, and when it did, the full Tugaloo River came into view.

Hugging its normally tall banks, the river made a swift journey down the Tugaloo Corridor passing land that was formerly owned by Native Americans and then on to the historic Prather Bridge area.

Want something cool to do when temperatures soar this summer?

The Tugaloo Bend Heritage Park near Toccoa has at least a couple of solutions.

The first option is almost three miles of walking trails that wind their way through hardwood forests, glades filled with ferns and soothing sights and sounds of the Tugaloo River. And, the walks will definitely provide a cooler setting even if the sun’s out and blazing because most of the trails are covered in shade.

The Brock sisters, Ally and Andi, have been water skiing for years, winning local and regional championships along the way.

The young women, who live in Toccoa, say it's not so much the winning they like about the sport as it is the camaraderie that goes along with it.

"Everyone might root for you and cheer you on," said Ally, the older of the two siblings. "It's definitely like a huge community."

Andi agreed.

"It's a close-knit community," she said.


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