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The newest of dams in the Savannah River Basin, in which a chain of scenic lakes stretches 120 miles from the mountains of Georgia and South Carolina to just north of Augusta, is Richard B. Russell (RBR) Dam. Completed in 1985, it has resulted in the most rustic and unspoiled lake in the system.

How did this happen on Lake Russell?

The headlines are always among the most tragic each summer.

“Man drowns in Lake Lanier Sunday night,” a local media outlet reports. And another, “Two airlifted after boating incident on Lake Burton.”

What begins as a fun day on the water in the summer can end with injury or death.

But there are plenty of ways to protect yourself and your family to keep those fun days on the lake fun this summer.

Sometime this summer you will probably get the urge to go fishing.

When this happens, some people can just pack a lunch and head to the nearest lake with their boat in tow. But what if you don’t have access to a boat?

No boat, no problem.

There’s plenty of quality fishing to be had in North Georgia without ever leaving the shoreline.

Rabun County’s Black Rock Mountain State Park, for example, boasts a 17-acre lake stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout, largemouth bass and sunfish.

At Anchorage Boat Dock on Lake Burton, it’s all about family. And that’s the way it’s been since the Poole family took over the marina in 1967.

Charles Poole, who lived in Piedmont, South Carolina, had a love for trout fishing and regularly visited Lake Burton to indulge in his hobby.

As the sun beamed down and reflected its radiating glow off of Lake Hartwell early one Sunday morning, Kristin Joyner began her usual SUP yoga course with her students paddling behind her.

Lake Hartwell (SUP) Yoga, which stands for stand-up paddle board, was founded by Joyner in 2015.

Unlike “land yoga,” SUP yoga is different and much more difficult, because the “studio” is on water.

Known for her signature red lipstick and distinctive high heels, Debra Taylor Dubeau has always been passionate about style, design, and fine arts.

Dubeau is originally from North Carolina and moved to Hartwell with her husband, Jim Dubeau, in 2007. The Dubeaus have four children and six grandchildren.

From an early age, Dubeau always knew that she was interested in design.

“I remember wanting to be a fashion designer from the first grade,” Dubeau said. “I would make paper handbags and design all the contents with crayons, but home fashion suits me just as well.”

Ever since Thomas Lee built the first Adirondack chair for his family in 1903, they have become iconic to outdoor living.

For years, this style of furniture has accommodated lake houses, front porches, patios, docks and other outdoor retreats. 

Adirondack chairs have become a staple to waterside living. Named after the mountains Lee and his family enjoyed the view of, the Adirondack Mountains, in upstate New York, these chairs provide comfort for any nature gazer. 

Just ask Bob Pickett. 

Independence Day is a special time in the U.S., celebrated by picnics and festivals — and the big attraction: fireworks shows. And what could be better than witnessing the spectacle of bright bursts of patriotic color over a beautiful lake?

Two of Northeast Georgia’s biggest celebrations take place in Hart County and Rabun County.

The Independence Day celebration begins early in Hart County, with the annual Pre-Fourth Weekend. The Pre-Fourth celebration is considered the official kick-off of summer for Hart County and is one of the biggest family weekends of the year.

Fishing in Georgia is good in any season. But fishing on Northeast Georgia lakes during the summer provides a prime fishing experience.

If you’re a new or less-experienced angler, one of the first considerations is whether to hire one of the many guide services to take you out on one of Georgia’s great lakes. And then, depending on the recommendation of your guide, you have to decide about bait. Do you use live, wriggling bait, or some of the colorful artificial lures?

It really depends on your experience level, and what kind of fish you’re going for, say several guides.

For the fun and excitement of speeding jet skis and breathtaking water tricks, the Pro Watercross Tour, presented by Broward Motorsports, returns to Lake Hartwell again for the annual Wet ‘N’ Wild event, Aug. 11-12.

The water-fueled festivities will take place at Longpoint Recreational Area on Old 29 Highway in Hartwell.

The Pro Watercross Tour is the largest of its kind in the world and makes stops all throughout the United States.  


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