Newspapers more important than ever


This is National Newspaper Week, a time to remember the importance of journalism and how it is a foundation of our democracy.

We talk a lot about the First Amendment, and it is important to note that freedom of the press was included in the first installment of the Bill of Rights. Times were different in 1776, but maybe they were more similar than we think, because the importance of an independent strong press had to be top of mind for those men in that hot room in Philadelphia.

Government accountability is at the top of the priority list for newspapers. Keeping taxpayers informed is our duty.

In Habersham County, that accountability spans seven municipalities, county commission, board of education, various councils and authorities, as well as multiple public safety agencies.

For all the biases in the national media that citizens have grown tired of and turned away from, we have continued to provide true factual community news since 1892. Let’s also remember your local paper is a community newspaper and not part of the national media.

The Northeast Georgian is a mirror of our community, and it is the time capsule that comes out twice a week. It marks our history, our culture and our lives. It tells us where we have been, where we are and where we are going. Your community newspapers tells us about how we have lived, and it reminds us of those who have passed on leaving a legacy in the way our community is today.

It also saves us money as taxpayers. Governments where community newspapers exist have a stronger credit rating and therefore can borrow money at better rates because the lenders know they are being watched by trained professional journalists who take this responsibility seriously.

There is a lot of misinformation going around on social media, but we go to the source every time. And all stories in your local newspaper go under The Northeast Georgian’s flag which has generations of trust in Habersham County.

Remember, a good hometown newspaper is a community talking to itself. We believe strong newspapers build strong communities – “Newspapers get things done!”

We pledge to you during this week of focusing on newspapers, to continue our relentless coverage, sometimes in the face of sharp criticism, of all that matters to Habersham County.

Thank you for allowing us to serve as Habersham County’s local newspaper for the last 128 years.