Tuesday night football on the way


Forget about picking a president. For now, we would settle for just one precedent.

They say that 2020 is the year of “unprecedented” things, and it would be nice to have something that feels just a little normal.

Our latest unprecedented event is the Tuesday night homecoming football at Habersham Central High School at 6 p.m. on Nov. 17.

We are used to gearing up on a Friday night for homecoming, and we are generally used to doing it earlier in the year. But the curveballs keep coming in 2020.

The Raiders have deftly avoided COVID-19 troubles this season, but Central Gwinnett was not as lucky. That postponed this game from Nov. 6 to the rare Tuesday night outing, giving both teams a chance to properly finish out their regular seasons.

It is important that we as a community get out and support our Raiders on this special night, especially since this is the last time we will see them at home. They recognized their seniors earlier in the year on the off chance that games were lost to the virus, but this is the true Senior Night along with the unveiling of the homecoming court.

This is the last chance we will get to see these bright young men and women at their very best, whether it’s the athletes on the field, or the talented Band of Blue, or the court itself. Frankly, we all could use a little of our very best right about now.

COVID-19 has not gone away, as some suggested it had or would soon, and it is actually spiking across the nation. Our community has not been hit quite as hard, even though our school cases rose in the middle of this week. We still have a minuscule percentage of our students and staff dealing with the virus (.2%), but as we have learned over and over this year, that can jump quickly.

So come out Tuesday night and support our young people in this rarest of Tuesday homecomings. But as you do, be mindful of good health practices so that we can keep our COVID-19 numbers going down instead of the direction that most larger areas are dealing with right now.

We owe it to those young people and our community to keep things moving forward and try to keep our schools open to allow them to explore the full extent of their educational opportunities.