United we stand, divided we fall


We have spent the entire 2020 election cycle arguing about who’s liberal or conservative, red or blue, right or wrong or more radical. When the campaigns’ focus should have been on how their candidate would provide the best leadership.

We spent our Christmas season in Georgia with $840 million spent here for one party or the other to make a power grab at our expense. We were inundated with negativity and hatred for two months, enveloping a season where we should be focusing on love of one another and peace on Earth.

Most of it was theater, a charade to keep us angry at someone or something. All that energy and money was wasted, and we gained nothing from entertaining the strife and contention of all the political animals on both sides.

After the events of Wednesday, where Americans stormed their own Capitol building, we have to see how pointless all this bickering has been.

We were in a bad place no matter what heading into the Electoral College certification, as one of two things was unquestionably true. Either some shady conspiracy rigged the election to get President Donald Trump out of office, or political animals engineered a scenario to make it seem like the election was fraudulent.

Both those potential outcomes are destructive to our democracy that has survived more than two centuries. The acrimony we have allowed to infiltrate our country from top to bottom has resulted in dangerous and ugly incidents like the riot at the Capitol.

Afterward, many were still looking for someone to blame for what happened, but we are all partially to blame. We have allowed hatred, prejudice and bias to enter our minds and our lives, and that is how we got where we are today. It seems most have forgotten how to calmly agree to disagree.

Someone might read that and say “Not me, I never let myself feel that way.” But everyone needs to look inside themselves and take a hard look at what they think and feel, how they act and how we got to this point as a country.

This is not a Republican or Democrat problem – it’s an America problem. We are all responsible for turning this country around if we want to preserve this republic for generations to come.

We owe it to our children, who don’t understand why these things are happening.

Every political party says it’s time for a change when they run against whomever is in power at the time, but it really is time. It’s time we got back to listening to each other and working together to better our communities, the state of Georgia and the United States of America. It’s time for our leaders to stick with the constitution our forefathers provided as a blueprint for America.

God bless us all as we seek to regain what we have lost.