• Clinton and Krista Scott pose for their engagement photos, which were used to announce their Oct. 1, 2016, wedding. Photo/River West Photography
    Clinton & Krista Scott

Give love a chance

Sometimes love just needs a chance – to blossom, to struggle, to strengthen. A chance is all Rabun County High School junior Krista Dixon was willing to give an annoying sophomore after a few games of basketball. Little did she know that just six years later, she would look into Clinton Scott’s eyes and say, “I do.”
The newlyweds met in high school, where they came into close contact out on the basketball court during practices.
“We were playing basketball against each other and he was really aggravating me on purpose, and it was really annoying,” Krista said, slightly laughing at the memory. “And then he texted me. He wanted to play pick up and I told him, basically, to get lost. But somehow I gave him a chance. He was different, so we lasted.”
Their love carried them through high school until Krista graduated in 2012 and started college. She continued to play basketball at Truett McConnell University, which devoured what little free time she had remaining after studying for an Early Childhood Education degree. With their responsibilities divided as Clinton worked to complete his senior year in high school, the strain was too much for their relationship to bear.
“It was tough,” Krista recalled. “We actually broke up for a few months because it got so tough. … We kind of just had to find ourselves, and we did. It made us stronger.
“When we got back together, we knew we’d be together forever. It’s kind of crazy how you know, but you do.”
The couple moved into an apartment together, where on their first Christmas together, Clinton proposed. It came as a complete surprise to Krista, especially because they had agreed to put their money toward paying bills instead of buying each other gifts.
“We just wanted to fill each other’s stockings full,” Krista said. “At the bottom of my stocking was a ring.”
Together, they settled on a date – Oct. 1, 2016. Krista had wanted a later date so nature would be more in tune with their fall-colored, rustic-vintage theme, but that would have put their wedding in the middle of deer season. It didn’t help there was a Georgia football game scheduled for her desired date. In finding the compromise, the couple agreed to wed at the beginning of the month.
“That sounds awful,” she said with a laugh, “but it’s so true.”
On the day of the wedding, the couple prepared themselves at a Kingwood Country Club and Resort condo before traveling to Parker Willows Farm in Rabun Gap. As the sun began to set, the couple stood before more than 150 friends and family members to exchange vows. Tears welled in their eyes as they were wed by Krista’s cousin, Marty Dixon.
“I was nervous,” Clinton admitted. “I was hoping everything went right.”
“He didn’t want me to be upset with anything, but I was happy,” Krista added.
It was a community wedding true to their Appalachian roots. The rural look of Parker Willows Farm, a mountain laurel arch, and Clinton decked out in checkered shirt with vest, jeans and cowboy boots. Friends Chris Dinofrio, Lisa Hopper and Marissa Moore provided services, with Dinofrio providing music, Hopper taking photographs and Moore making a video. A friend from church made their cake; Oinkers catered.
Following the wedding, the couple honeymooned with a cruise. Hurricane Matthew interrupted their plans to visit the Bahamas, so they went to the Florida Keys. When they returned home, Clinton went back to work at the family business, Southern Tradition. Krista returned to Rabun County Elementary School, where she is a third-grade parapro. The couple resides in Clayton.

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