Hopeful for progress in 2018

It’s a new year with new opportunities to better yourself – and your community. 

While many are working toward accomplishing the resolutions they set for themselves in 2019, we have some for Habersham County.

Last year, 2018 was another year of great accomplishments in forward progress for Habersham County. However, this year, we are working with a clean slate and have the opportunity to accomplish even more.

If you haven’t already, we urge you to become involved in your city or town government to educate yourself on existing issues and proposed resolutions. Then, let your voice be heard in a courteous and professional way.

Below is our list of some of our goals for the new year. If you have one or several of your own, we encourage you to share them through a Letter to the Editor to keep the dialogue going.

Goals are as follows in no specific order:

• Demolition of the existing Habersham County Administration Building/old courthouse allowing for growth/development of the downtown Clarkesville Square;

• Continued cooperation between the local water departments, ensuring an ample supply for future growth;

• Continue progress/complete upgrades at the Habersham County Airport and Habersham Industrial Park. We must remember, this is not an overnight success, but a long-term game changer;

• Accountability in the pending case of the $600,000-plus stolen from Demorest city coffers. This is well overdue;

• Continue filling vacant storefronts in downtowns, as well as big-box stores;

• More local and regional market share for Habersham Medical Center;

• Improved wireless communication services across Habersham County;

• Vastly improved high-speed internet services throughout Habersham County;

• Groundbreaking of a new hotel – we need more rooms;

• Plans introduced/established for recreational fields in the southern end of the county;

• The building of a large venue to host conferences and local celebrations;

• Plans set for the building of a new Habersham County Detention Center that will reduce the expense(s) of housing out inmates and enable us to serve our community for at least two decades.

Onward and upward, Habersham County

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