Never forget

Today, because of widely differing opinions and politics, our country is divided. Backbiting and bickering keep our national leadership stuck in the mud.

How has the greatest country in the history of the world become so dysfunctional?

Our forefathers risked their lives to leave their legacy, the United States of America, a free country built on a foundation of democracy.

But now we’re left craving that sense of oneness on which this country was founded. Do you remember the last time you felt America was truly united?

None of us will ever forget where we were when we heard about the attack on American soil Sept. 11, 2001. Where were you?

After terrorists took control of commercial airliners, with passengers on board, time stopped while we all watched and read in horror as the unthinkable events unfolded. Thousands of innocent people died, thousands more were injured. And we were shaken to our knees.

In the days and months following 9/11, America was debatably the most unified it’s ever been. The horror we endured pulled us together as one nation. And through the theory of the six degrees of separation, most of us were able to identify with a family who lost a loved one.

On this 17th anniversary, please take time for a moment of silence to remember those innocent civilians and firefighters, police officers and other emergency responders who lost their lives or were injured during this terrorist attack. Many survivors are still paying the price as they fight to heal wounds or resist trauma brought on in the aftermath.

Let’s also remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us while protecting our freedom and all who’ve served in our military.

America’s need for unity is imperative.

We can stand together in long-term cooperation, doing what’s best for America, rather than let ourselves be divided by short-term political advantage, which only weakens our country.

The best thing about being an American is being a part of the greatest country ever known. But it takes a united citizenry to keep America great.

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