A nod to National Newspaper Week

Newspapers serve a vital function in a free society.

During National Newspaper Week, Oct. 7-13, it’s important to remember why.

Government accountability is at the top of the priority list for newspapers. Keeping taxpayers informed is our duty.

In Habersham County, that accountability spans seven municipalities, county commission, board of education, various councils and authorities, as well as multiple public safety agencies.

Our team of trained professionals takes this responsibility seriously.

Nowhere else will you find credible, sourced, hyperlocal news coverage of all local governments, sports coverage from Habersham County’s public and private schools, features on the community’s most interesting people and coverage from your favorite events.

The milestones of this community’s life are found in these pages – milestones such as birth announcements, engagements, weddings, obituaries and all the in-between happenings in Habersham County.

Tough news stories about the work of our local law enforcement officials and judicial system are found here, as well. Keeping our residents informed about sometimes troubling matters in this community is another part of our responsibility.

Your community newspaper, on its Opinions page, addresses what the editorial board agrees needs to be said publicly on relevant topics. Sometimes our editorial page draws criticism, but the point is to create community conversation and drive Habersham County forward. The Opinions page is also for you to express your concerns or praises in a Letter to the Editor.

Remember, a good hometown newspaper is a community talking to itself. We believe strong newspapers build strong communities – “Newspapers get things done!”

You might see dubious information on Facebook or other social media outlets, but is it verified? While the internet is certainly a valuable tool, no other news outlet covers Habersham County as thoroughly as its community newspaper. We go to the source, every time.

We pledge to you during this week of focus on newspapers, to continue our relentless coverage, sometimes in the face of sharp criticism, of all that matters to Habersham County.

Thank you for allowing us to serve as Habersham County’s local newspaper for the last 126 years.

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