Putting the ‘you’ in a community newspaper

As your community newspaper, our duty is to our readers. We’re tasked with ensuring the public stays well informed, whether it’s by covering the latest meeting of a local municipality or county government, local sports, a feature story of a local person, sharing Election Day results of political races or news of potential growth through exciting economic-development prospects.

You may see a snapshot of a Raiders’ game-winning touchdown, a baby tasting her first rib at a barbecue festival, a feature story on the newest Habersham Countian of the Year or what the winning word was at the system-wide spelling bee.

Our coverage is a direct reflection of what’s happening in our community. And we are committed to providing accurate, sourced, dependable and timely coverage.

But not all news has a headline or a byline. Many of the pieces and photos displayed on the fridge come from you, our readers, in the form of submissions announcing school achievements, promotions, engagements, weddings, births, anniversaries – moments in your life that are important to you and worth sharing.

What better way to celebrate a community than by sharing readers’ photos from Uncle Ned’s 100th birthday party, a Little League victory, several generations gathered at a reunion or, as we’ve seen recently, snapshots of our beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains and the wildlife that calls them home.

Our favorite part about being your community newspaper is, you guessed it – the community. Chances are, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We produce from scratch two newspapers each week so you can stay current on the people, places and things that make Habersham County one of the greatest places to live and work.

But at the end of the day, a community newspaper is nothing without you, our loyal readers. Sharing your life events, tips and news of happenings is as simple as emailing the information and/or high-resolution photo to news@thenortheastgeorgian.com with your name, telephone number and city of residence. If you’ll just do that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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