Hold each other accountable


Our duty as your local newspaper is to report the news in our community. Day in and day out, we cover what’s happening in Habersham County. Though we are used to covering whatever pops up, sometimes the news stings and other times it down right hurts. Because this community is a place we’re proud to call home, too.

Some things are returning to normal in spite of COVID-19, and some things still remain altered.

However, one thing that has returned to its normal pre-pandemic level is the traffic on our highways, particularly on Highway 365, which was previously one of the most dangerous roads in Georgia.

We welcome cars on the road, because they are a sign of a healthy local economy. But we despise distracted and under the influence drivers.

This week our hearts sunk as we covered a DUI crash in Clarkesville. As a result of the intoxicated driver crossing the center line a child lost his life and another motorist was injured. And over the weekend an impaired driver ran a traffic light on 365 slamming into a vehicle and critically injuring two others.

This can happen to any of our children at any time. In the Monday wreck, the car weaved straight into the other lane without warning.

There is no reason or excuse to drink and drive at any time. It is a selfish act that not only endangers your life, but the life of everyone who shares the road with you.

Our prayers are with the families whose lives have been changed forever in the last few days. Accidents that happened that were no fault of their own.

As the old saying goes: Think before you drink. And never drink and drive.

Also, let’s all hold each other accountable. Our loved ones lives depend on it.