Habersham County Board of Elections to meet about discrepancies in District 4 recount vote totals

  • The runoff election will be Aug. 11.
    The runoff election will be Aug. 11.

   The Habersham County Board of Elections is holding a special meeting Saturday to address discrepancies in the vote totals that have arisen in the District 4 County Commission race.
   The recount started Wednesday but hit a snag when the vote totals were not adding up from the votes collected in the June 9 election.
   The board will meet at 1 p.m. Saturday to recount early votes and Election Day ballots, including a trip to the courthouse “to see if any ballots are stuck in the side pocket located inside each scanner,” a release from the Habersham County Elections Office said.
   The recount is to determine the runner-up to incumbent and vote leader Natalie Crawford in the District 4 race between Bruce Harkness and Trent Davis. Harkness led Davis by eight votes in the certified election results, but the unaccounted-for votes are making certification of the recount difficult.
   Harkness or Davis will go on to face Crawford in the runoff Aug. 11 for a seat on the county commission. There is no Democratic challenger in that district.
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