Letters to the Editor


Will we answer with negativity or with love?

To the editor:

Division and disharmony are rampant, even here in Northeast Georgia. Condescending, sarcastic remarks have become weapons of choice, wielded to belittle those who hold opposing views. As polarization seems to grow, it’s extremely difficult not to view the “other side” as the enemy. 

Dehumanizing everything about President Trump? You either like him and what he has done, or not, but to have such disdain is irrational. And, to quote “some web sites” for facts? Quite questionable at best. I can find websites that say the world is flat, but that doesn’t mean it’s truth. I can think of very few Democrats who I agree with, but I’m not going to call them names or try to hurt them.  

Galatians 6:10 said “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” 

Do good, say good things to everyone? Even the person whose worldview or political position is threatening? The phrase “as we have opportunity,” echoes similar throughout the New Testament, conveying the truth that, until Jesus returns, we live in an age where “we must work the works of him who sent me [Jesus]” (John 9:4). Hebrews calls this time “today” (Hebrews 3:7-4:13).  

This is an age of opportunity. God designed it as such. He has good works for us, his people, to accomplish – works that build His Kingdom by showing and telling his love through Christ, and that offers a taste of that Kingdom with the wonderful, familial unity in diversity that will be one of its hallmarks.

Kind words, service, encouragement, mercy, honor, care, blessing – the opportunity for such good knocks at every moment. Will you answer in love? When encountering negativity or snarky remarks, pray as to how Jesus would respond, then answer in truth with that caring tone and manner.

Lord Jesus, forgive us for the many times we’ve treated another person as an enemy, especially when they are a brother or sister in Christ. Every human being is made in your image, and your love extends to every one of us.

Bill Wilson



To read or not to read

To the editor:

I have written in newspapers for 30 years and thoroughly enjoy it. This last week, I received two of my most pointed responses. Beth Lancaster and Reggie Smith expressed great disdain for both me and my letters. I wish to thank Ms. Lancaster and Mr. Smith. They made me realize how incredibly blessed I have been over the decades to have had readers with enough character to avoid attacking me personally. Beth Lancaster suggested that I “sullied the Letter to the Editor section.”

As I stated in my earlier letter (July 29), I will not get involved in its subject matter again. Since my qualifications for even writing my letter were questioned, I will merely offer that I have employed Blacks, worked with Blacks and worked for Blacks. I have participated in forums on race as well as  guested on a Black radio station. Some of my best friends, who I value greatly, are Black. I have known many people like Lancaster and Smith in my lengthy,  meandering life.

They could have written their responses from the same room. Many of their personal characteristics are common, noticeably the whiny drone. These people have the ability to create their own reality. They never personally address a problem. They deny it as long as possible and then deflect and blame it on someone else. In my last letter, I purposely left several questions unanswered.

My hope was that a responsible reader would offer an answer. Instead, I get responses from people like Beth Lancaster and, the always humorous,  Reggie Smith. As I have stated before in print, I see no courage in merely denigrating another human being in the newspaper. It is much like participating in a rock fight with no one throwing rocks back. Real courage consists of putting your beliefs in print, standing by them and accepting the consequences.

A wise man once told me, “Trying to reason with a fool is a practice in futility.”  That, pretty much, explains my position. 

Bobby Clardy