Unwanted seasons greetings growing old fast


We are all used to having full mailboxes this time of year, as loved ones connect with each other through Christmas cards and other festive holiday gifts.

What we never bargained for is how many political flyers are besieging Georgians every day of this holiday season. One has to be careful pulling mail out of the box so as not to let cards slip away through the glossy political rhetoric that is unavoidable and seemingly unending.

The worst part about these extra unwanted holiday greetings is that you will not find one of them that has anything positive to say about a candidate. They are all attack ads with photoshopped nonsense on them, threatening you with a liberal world starting in 2021 or mentioning stock market insider trading or whatever else they come up with.

One even has a picture of Rev. Raphael Warnock with Fidel Castro. Another has our constitution on fire. Still another flyer just tells you that professors will be studying who votes and who does not, but touts no particular agenda. It just feels like a veiled threat of some kind.

This is getting so tiresome during the holidays.

We knew we would be here, as we stated long before the Nov. 3 election. We knew that the runoff between Kelly Loeffler and Warnock would likely decide control of the U.S. Senate, but we did not know we would be in for a second runoff between Jon Ossoff and Sen. David Perdue.

That’s double the flyers, double the commercial attacks and double the political agita. Maybe even more than double, since Ossoff’s name was by far the most spoken one on television leading up to Nov. 3 in both positive and negative lights.

But this Christmas season, we have to hope for some sort of reprieve from the political avalanche. In addition to the runoff, we still have signs out all over the county for candidates who have been long since defeated. We should be seeing Christmas decorations around our neighborhoods, not political signs left over from June.

We stress the importance of Georgians voting in this runoff, as it is crucial for our nation’s future. If only we could all vote before Christmas so we could enjoy a runoff-free holiday and new year, but we are stuck with this until Jan. 5.

Vote early, then get back to spending time with your families.