Habersham County Schools closed for Thursday, Oct. 29, amid tropical storm warning

  • Habersham County Schools are closed Thursday, Oct. 29.
    Habersham County Schools are closed Thursday, Oct. 29.

   After hearing a weather briefing on the possible impact of Hurricane Zeta on Northeast Georgia, Habersham County Schools officials canceled school for Thursday, Oct. 29.
   “Habersham County has been placed under a tropical storm warning which is a very rare event for our area. Wind gusts of 50-55 mph and four inches or more of rain are expected. If this actually happens, we expect widespread power outages and quite a few trees down on our roads,” Superintendent Mathew Cooper said.  
   Cooper said the timing complicates things, as the storm could be at its worst from 4-10 a.m. Thursday during the morning commute.
   “We are very concerned about having buses and student drivers on our roadways tomorrow morning under these poor conditions,” Cooper said. “The fact that it is still dark during our morning bus routes is especially concerning. We are also concerned about potential power outages at our schools tomorrow.”
   Cooper said officials would get out Thursday afternoon and assess the damage to determine if schools can open on Friday.