Sealed bids for construction of the Chenocetah Drive Water & Sewer System Improvements will be received until March 24, 2020 at 2:00 pm local time at Cornelia City Hall, 181 Larkin Street, Cornelia, GA 30531, at which time and place they will be publicly opened and read aloud. Any bid received after said time and date will not be considered by the Owner. No bid may be withdrawn after the closing time for the receipt of bids for a period of sixty (60) days except as specifically may be provided in the Instructions to Bidders and/or by State law. Scope: The work to be completed shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to install approximately 2,700 LF of 8" PVC/DIP water main, 500 LF of 6" PVC/DIP water main, 3,400 LF of 8" PVC/DIP gravity sewer main, 200 LF 15", 18", and 24" CPP storm sewer and approximately 9,200 SY asphalt paving, complete with fire hydrants, valves, manholes, drop inlets, driveway replacement, roadway replacement, earthwork, grassing, soil erosion and sediment control measures, and all appurtenances necessary to provide a complete installation. Time allotted for completion of work is 180 consecutive calendar days. All Work shall be completed in accordance with the plans and specifications. The Work will be awarded in one (1) Contract. Plans, Specifications and Contract Documents are on file at CARTER & SLOOPE, INC. Copies may be obtained from CARTER & SLOOPE, INC., 1031 Stonebridge Parkway, Watkinsville, Georgia 30677, Phone: 706-769-4119, Fax: 706-769-4546, upon payment of $300 for Full-Size Set, $150 for PDF (non-refundable). A copy of your check is needed in order to ship the documents. You can fax it to the fax number above or email a scanned copy to All plans and documents will be shipped via UPS Ground. If you choose to have them shipped overnight or via another carrier, please submit your Fed Ex Overnight or UPS Express account number. 2C-2/19/20, 3/4/20
Public Notice Habersham County Board of Commissioners Request for Qualifications for Standby Architect Services Habersham County Board of Commissioners is soliciting sealed proposals from architecture firms to provide professional services on an on-call basis under an annual contract. Interested consultants should anticipate providing a full range of services including, but not limited to master planning, site evaluation, conceptual design, construction documents, feasibility studies and schedule and cost analysis. The initial term of a contract awarded as a result of this RFQ shall be from January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. The contract may be renewed according to the terms stated herein for three (3) additional one (1) year periods. Habersham County reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. The County will not discriminate against any vendor submitting a bid because of race, creed, color, national origin, or handicap. Habersham County reserves the right to exercise discretion and apply its judgment with respect to all bid proposals submitted. The County also reserves the right to reject all proposals, either in part or in its entirety, or to request and obtain, from one or more of consulting firms submitting proposals, supplementary information as may be necessary for County staff to analyze the bids proposals. Proposals shall be received no later than 10:00 AM, Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at Habersham County's Administration Building, Board of Commissioners Meeting Room, Room No. 211 located on the main level at 130 Jacob's Way, Clarkesville, GA 30523, at which time and place all proposals will be publicly opened and acknowledged. Each bidder must submit their proposal, in a sealed envelope or box, and marked with the bidders' name and address labeled and addressed to: Habersham County Purchasing, Finance Department "Standby Architecture Services" 130 Jacob's Way, Suite 302 Clarkesville, GA 30523 4C-2/19-3/11/20
NOTICE OF INTENT TO VOLUNTARILY DISSOLVE A CORPORATION Notice is given that a notice of intent to dissolve CODY ROAD WORKSHOPS, INC., a Georgia Corporation with its registered office at 7027 New Liberty Rd, Clarkesville, GA 30523, has been delivered to the Secretary of State by said corporation and filed by it on February 10, 2020, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Georgia Business Corporation Code. S/Kathleen Walker Officer 2P- 2/19-2/26/20
APPLICATION TO REGISTER A BUSINESS TO BE CONDUCTED UNDER A TRADE NAME STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF HABERSHAM The undersigned hereby certifies that Fesperman Auto Sales LLC is conducting a business as 3 Zero Auto Sales, in the city of Cornelia, County of Habersham, in the State of Georgia under the trade name: 3 ZERO AUTO SALES and that the nature of said business is used car dealer. And that names and addresses of the persons, firms or partnership owning and carrying on said trade or business are: DANNY FESPERMAN, 148 SULLIVAN DR, HOMER, GA 30547 2P-2/19-2/26/2020
CARSON NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS IN RE: Estate of Columbus Jay Carson All creditors of the Estate of Columbus Jay Carson late of Habersham County, Georgia, deceased, are hereby notified to render their demands to the undersigned, according to law, and all persons indebted to said Estate are required to make immediate payment. This 11th day of February, 2020. s/Carol Lynn Carson Executor Carol Lynn Carson 222 Rennie Hames Road Clarkesville, GA 30523 4C-2/19-3/11/20
SCOGIN STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF HABERSHAM IN RE: ESTATE OF ALBERT BERRY SCOGIN JR. All creditors of the Estate of ALBERT BERRY SCOGIN JR., deceased, late of Habersham County, are hereby notified to render their demands to the undersigned according to law, and all persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to me. This 5th day of February, 2020 JAMES C. WEIDNER OLIVER & WEIDNER, LLC ON BEHALF OF ALBERT BERRY SCOGIN JR. Georgia Bar NO. 745888 854 Washington Street, Suite 300 Clarkesville, GA. 30523 706-754-9000 4P-2/19-3/11/20
WAITE NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS IN RE: Estate of Louise Rees Waite All creditors of the Estate of Louise Rees Waite late of Habersham County, Georgia, deceased, are hereby notified to render their demands to the undersigned, according to law, and all persons indebted to said Estate are required to make immediate payment. This 13th day of February, 2020. s/Judith Ann Waite Executor Judith Ann Waite 2390 Belaire Drive Cumming, GA 30041 4C-2/19-3/11/20
IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF WHITE COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA MARIA DE LOURDES BRAVO VARGAS, Plaintiff, v. ROGELIO CASTRO RODRIGUEZ, Defendant. CIVIL ACTION FILE NO: 2019-CV-0168-JP NOTICE TO: ROGELIO CASTRO RODRIGUEZ (By publication) By Order of the Court for service by publication dated December 20th, 2019, and filed December 31st, 2019, you are hereby notified that on May 3rd, 2019, Maria De Lourdes Bravo Vargas filed a Complaint for Divorce. You are required to file an answer with the Clerk of Superior Court at 59 South Main Street, Suite B, Cleveland, Georgia 30528, and to serve upon the Plaintiff's attorney, Henry L. Simmons, at P. O. Box 127, Cornelia, Georgia 30531 and answer in writing within sixty (60) days. Witness, the Honorable Joy R. Parks, Judge, of White County Superior Court. This 13th day of January, 2020. s/Dena M. Adams Dena M. Adams, Clerk Superior Court of White County 59 South Main Street, Suite B Cornelia, GA 30528 4C-2/19-3/11/2020
City of Cornelia Sewer Over flow 706-894-3074 1. Four sewer manholes spilled at the following locations Berry St, Moss St, Pine St & Foster St. 2. The sewage spills occurred due to over 5 inches of rain in less than a 24-hour period causing sewer lines to back up and clog with debris and rags. a.The coordinates of the manholes and where the spills entered the waterways are: 34*30'30.38"N by 83*31'27.92"W, 34*30'32.99"N by 83*31'33,78"W, 34*30'56.13"N by 83*31'42.47"W & 34*30'52.34"N by 83*32'22.45"W 3. The tributaries to the South Fork Mud Creek and South Fork Mud Creek received an estimated 7,500 gallons of raw sewage with 90% of it estimated to be rainwater. 4. The City found the 4 manholes overflowing at 3:00 pm on Thursday February 6 and had then cleaned out and back in service by 4:00pm on the same day. 1C-2/19/2020